For a full list of the products, descriptions and pricing that Edward’s offers to our contractor partners, please click here to download the list.

One Loader Bucket is equal to approximately one ton for gravel, topsoil, and sand. One Loader Bucket is equal to approximately one cubic yard for mulch, premium topdressing, garden mix, compost, and lava rock. Prices subject to change due to rising fuel costs.

Due to the changing market, prices may vary. Please call 570-287-4329, press 1, to speak with a staff member for a quote.SizeLoader BucketBag
Grey Chipped3/8″$29.50$6.00
Grey Chipped3/4″$24.00$6.00
Red Chipped3/8″$48.00$6.00
Red Chipped3/4″$48.00$6.00
Modified Gravel (Gravel-Sand Mix)3/4″$18.50$6.00
Dyed Black, Brown or Red MulchShredded$35.50$6.00
Natural Brown MulchDouble Shredded$32.00$6.00
Playground MulchShredded$33.00$6.00
Cedar Mulch$57.00$7.00
Hemlock Mulch$40.00$7.00
Premium Topdressing$48.00N/A
GRAVEL*Loader BucketBag
Cinnamon Round Gravel1"$83.00$8.00
Natural Round Gravel1/2″$65.00$6.50
Natural Round Gravel1" - 1 1/2"$65.00$6.50
Natural Round Gravel1 1/2" – 3″$76.00$7.00
Natural Round Gravel3″-6″$73.00$7.00
Mountain Blend1" - 2"$86.00$7.50
Pocono Blend1"$45.00$8.00
Edward's Garden Center Timberlite GravelTimberlite1 1/2″-2″$62.00$8.00
Grey Chipped1″-4″$25.00$6.00
Red Chipped Gravel3″-4″$39.00$6.00
White Marble Chips3/4″-1″$89.00$8.00
Yellow Shore Gravel3/4″
Yellow Shore Gravel2″-3″$89.00$8.00
SOIL/COMPOST*Loader BucketBag
Screened Topsoil$32.00N/A
Screened Compost$38.00N/A
Mushroom Compost$38.00N/A
3 in 1 Mix-Veggie GardenTopsoil + Mushroom + Aged Bark$36.00N/A
Garden Mix3/4 Topsoil + 1/4 Screened Compost$36.00N/A
SAND*Loader BucketBag
Pool Sand, Brown Masonry Sand$41.00$6.00
Grey Manufactured Sand, Patio Base Material$27.00$6.00