humble beginnings


Growing up in Forty Fort, Ed Kopec was taught the value of hard work as a young boy. Ed’s Dad, Leo, kept a list of chores on the back of the kitchen stove for each of his six children to be completed before going out to play. When Ed was eight years old, a retired neighbor and avid gardener, Mr. Hank Doster, took him under his wing. Mr. Doster allowed Ed to help tend his backyard garden of vegetables, berry bushes, fruit trees and roses. Weeding, tilling, spraying and composting were some of the regular chores with the reward of taking fresh produce home to Mom. Rainy days were spent in the basement woodworking shop creating accessories for the garden.

When word got out about Ed’s new gardening skills, elderly neighbors hired him to do everything from mowing their lawn to burning trash. Ed continued servicing lawns throughout high school. Upon graduating from Wyoming Valley West High School and prior to attending Luzerne County Community College, Ed was hired by VanScoy Sodding Service, primarily grading properties with topsoil and installing sod. After graduating from LCCC, he decided to go into business with John Yarosz, also a VanScoy employee. Within four years, Ed and John grew their company, Varsity Sodding Service, to a 20 man landscaping company and garden center. In 1978, the partnership was dissolved, with John retaining Varsity Sodding Service and Ed starting Edward’s Landscaping Service.

In 1978, with two trucks and a bobcat loader, Ed’s four person crew set out to offer grounds maintenance and small landscape projects throughout the Wyoming Valley. A year later, Ed married Margy Boyle, who had an accounting degree from King’s College. Margy took over all company bookkeeping duties, while also raising their three children Ed Jr., Sara, and Jim. In 1983, five acres were purchased from the former Sgarlat Sand and Gravel Company, to house the Kopecs’ growing business. During this time, Ed attended business classes at King’s College, utilized the services of consultants and attended hundreds of seminars to learn more about the management aspect of owning a small business. In 1988, Edward’s Landscaping Service was incorporated. Two years later, a bulk materials yard was established and eventually expanded into the beautiful garden center all enjoy today. Some things have changed…

Today, Edward’s offers a “We Plan, You Plant” service, a five-acre garden center (including the bulk materials yard) and a contractor supply division. It has been and continues to be a pleasure for Ed and Margy, along with their dedicated staff with over 200 years of combined experience, to serve their loyal clientele.