Edward's Garden Center sells rock bubblers
Add a bubbling boulder to your garden for a fabulous accent piece!

Water creates a spectacular yet serene environment that is perfect for quiet meditation or backyard entertaining. 

The fastest growing trend in the landscape industry – today’s water features are easily maintained and can fit into any space.  Our water gardening department has everything you need whether you’re creating a reflecting pond, an elaborate waterfall or just an informal container water garden.  We carry a wide selection of pond liners, pumps, filtering systems, skimmers and plant foods to help build and maintain a healthy water garden.  Bring life to your pond with our many hardy and tropical plants.   We also offer boulders, stone, seating, statues and fountains to enhance the beauty of your water garden.

We have 17 beautiful water features on display, as well as one of the largest operating fountain collections in the Northeast.  Having the right knowledge for your water features makes a huge difference. Our water gardening experts are available for questions and advice. 

We welcome your visit to Edward’s Garden Center… A place to explore and enjoy!