Thinking Fall? Look at our Sunday Line-Up of Workshops

It’s getting to be that time again. Of course we love summer, but… “There is a harmony in autumn, and a luster in its sky, which through the summer is not heard or seen, as if it could not be, as if it had not been!” –Percy Bysshe Shelley Let the love affair with all […]

Free Sunday Programs at Edward’s Offer Family Entertainment

Edward’s Garden Center always encourages its visitors (of every age) to explore and enjoy. And Edward’s makes it very appealing with colorful, imaginative displays and a giant checker board and working miniature train display. This summer, we’re taking it a bit further by offering free Sunday afternoon programs that will excite every member of the […]

Six Ways (and then some) to Use Pumpkins

For many who grew up with Charlie Brown’s story “It’s The Great Pumpkin,” you know just how special finding the right pumpkin can be. And why not? This popular orange fruit is full of fun possibilities in autumn. But would we be as excited if original Celtic tradition still took place? The tradition of carving […]

Fall for Autumn at Edward’s Garden Center’s Fall Festival!

Sweaters. Boots. Pumpkin spice everything.  Yes, it’s that time of year again… Autumn. It certainly is a gorgeous time of year here in northeastern Pennsylvania with all of the vibrant colors of leaves falling from the trees.  We think this time of year deserves a celebration, which is why we’re having our annual Fall Festival […]

Planks, Pilates and Planting … gardening can be great exercise too!

Drop and give me 20…freshly dug holes filled with soil. That’s not something you typically hear as instruction for exercise, but the truth is that gardening is one activity that’s quite good for the body, the mind and the spirit.  Those of you who garden know that it can be quite a work out. Bags […]

Think Inside the Sandbox And Other Play To Recharge Your Battery

Stop staring at that screen. Go outside. Play. Get some fresh air. That might be something you tell your kids, but do you take your own advice? You should. Play is good for grown-ups too! Do you remember at what age you stopped feeling playful or thought you were just too old to act like […]

Show Me the Way to Go Gnome. How to Make your own miniature garden.

Fairy and gnome gardens may be small, but they provide giant-sized joy and are fairy easy to make! Step 1. Contain it well. Choose a container that has drainage. Most containers have a plug; otherwise you can use charcoal and gravel in the bottom of the container or, if you are really handy, you can […]

Flea Market Chic & Other Ways to Create Garden Style

One of many fun things about gardening is that you can really show off your personality through your choices.  The flowers and shrubs you choose. The materials you use. To mulch or not to mulch? The accessories you adorn your garden with. Is your garden ‘fairy nice’? Do you think of your yard as ‘home […]

Floundering from a sense of too much to do? Watch fish to relax.

Ever find yourself staring at a fish tank while you wait in a doctor’s office? If you have, you’re doing  something much better for you than staring at the screen of your smartphone, and it’s not by chance. An article published in July of 2015 says that British researchers have discovered that watching fish can […]

2018 Event Schedule

2018 Event Schedule Saturday, March 31st: Lighted Firefly Easter Eggs $5 Fee (Children’s Event) April 8th: Opening your pond/Pond Maintenance Tips Seminar April 8th: Young Living Essential Oils with Francesca $10 Fee Proceeds benefit a YL Charity April 22nd: Divide and Conquer your Perennials Seminar May 6th: Mother’s Day Tissue paper flower pot Wind chime $15 Fee […]