Plants Need Protection from Summer Heat, Just Like You

Weather can be hard to predict, especially these days. And it can never be changed or controlled, whether we like it or not. But, we can learn how to respond to it so its effects are not too harsh on the beautiful gardens we work so hard to create.

Northeastern Pennsylvania has been experiencing several hot days recently and the heat can be quite damaging to your plants, but if you take proper care of your plants, you can minimize the damage of heat stress.

Signs of Heat Stress on Plants and Trees 

  • Wilting – common in non-woody annuals and perennials. Plants will usually recover when temperatures drop.
  • Leaf dropping or shedding of foliage
  • Yellowing leaves
  • Difficulty producing vegetables
  • Bolting, which is the premature flowering of plants

How to Care for Plants in Hot Weather

  • Watering more often is recommended (when needed; feel the soil first because overwatering can be just as damaging)
  • While recommendations may vary, it is often best to water in the early morning or evening when temperatures are cooler
  • Deep watering is recommended over shallow
  • Young plants with less root development need water more often than older, established plants with a large network of roots for drawing moisture from the soil
  • New and potted plants need extra watering
  • Mulching plants conserves moisture and keep plants cooler
  • Shade covers can be helpful, especially on vegetable crops

For more information on protecting your plants from heat, read this article. There are many great sources of information about gardening and plant care that can be found in an Internet search. Articles published by colleges and universities (that have the extension of .edu) are typically correct and credible resources.

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