We Plan, You Plant Is Back! 

We are once again offering the service, “We Plan, You Plant.”

Here’s how it works:

  1. Set up an appointment with our designer Fred Melvin by emailing egcweplanyouplant@outlook.com or calling 570-287-4329, ext. 3. or stop in to the garden center. Your appointment should be no more than two weeks before you plan to install the landscape.
  2. Before your meeting, create a drawing of the dimensions of your property. Graph paper works best. Choose paper with 4 or 8 squares per inch.
  3. Bring PRINTED pictures showing the area from different angles.
  4. Meet with an expert to create a beautiful landscape design together.
  5. From your design you are ready to purchase plants to fit your new landscape.
  6. You plant…to bring your beautiful landscape to life!


We Plan, You Plant

All steps to get you started happen at this appointment. We can get a lot accomplished if you are prepared with all of your paperwork.

The design service is free because you are purchasing the plants from us. We will deliver the plants to your home and arrange them for you in your yard. No guesswork, wondering if you have the placement correct.  We will also deliver all of the soil amendments–mulch and fertilizer–that you need to complete the job. Our normal delivery fees do apply unless total purchases reach our minimum, then delivery and set up is complimentary.*

*The required minimum total for plants and soil amendments is $700. 

The Edward’s goal? Simple….

Offer expert advice, provide outstanding selection and make gardening success easy. We want to ensure that no gardener will ever have to throw in the trowel. After all we love gardens as much as you do.

A few key points to keep in mind….

  • Specify the area you would like to enhance or redesign, and what you would like to accomplish.
  • Which direction does your area face? North, South, East or West?
  • Would you prefer easy care plants, or is this not a concern?
  • How many hours of sun and shade does the area receive on a daily basis?
  • Is it a protected or windy area?
  • Would you like evergreen, deciduous or a combination of both?
  • Do you need a focal point or a basic foundation for other plantings?
  • Are there color preferences you would like to incorporate into the landscape?
  • Would you like to screen or camouflage an unattractive view?
  • Does the area have good drainage? Is the area usually wet or dry?
  • Other helpful information that will assist us in designing your garden.