Edward’s Garden Center is a place for the whole family to explore and enjoy in every season!

We are always thinking up ways to add fun elements to our garden center so kids and parents can have fun. You know our motto is: Explore and Enjoy!   If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and have fun with the kids or grandkids, stop by our Garden Center.

Take a stroll with the kids or grandkids and complete our Animal Scavenger Hunt.

Here are some of the benefits of Edward’s Garden Center’s Animal Scavenger Hunt:

  • It’s free.
  • You get fresh air and exercise by walking around the grounds of the Garden Center to locate all of our furry, feathered and finned pets. Each pet home is numbered. Have your kids take a numbered Popsicle stick from each animal enclosure they visit.
  • We have a variety of more than 25 animals for you to enjoy. Take a look at our animals through the years.
  • Children are rewarded with a sweet treat once they have completed the scavenger hunt. Kids just visit the gift shop to turn in all of their numbered Popsicle sticks collected while visiting each animal. Then they get a treat.
  • You can use this Scavenger Hunt experience later with the kids. Have them draw, paint, make a model of the animals they saw when they visited Edward’s Garden Center. You can even make it educational; visit a site for kids that teaches about animals


Relax and feel at gnome in our garden center!

You’ll feel right at home, or should we say at “gnome” in our Home of Gnomes area! It’s a great place for kids of all ages to hangout.  Have a quick game of checkers, watch the train go through the village, find all the gnomes and walk through the magical mister in summertime.

Have the kids unplug. Checkers require no charge, just a couple players. 


A cute bunny
Kids enjoy seeing a variety of animals when they walk around our garden center.


Visit our toy section in the gift shop!

New for 2024, we have renovated our gift shop to include a kid’s section. Stop by to pick up a terrarium, a book, kids’ gardening tools, a stuffed animal that matches the animals from our scavenger hunt, a stuffed version of Blossom- our highway monkey, and even… penny candy!

We have introduced a “penny” candy section at our checkout counter. Kids love it… and their parents love it too!


The holidays are magical at Edward’s!

During the holidays, we add special displays and cut-outs for kids and adults to have fun photo opps. And, our friend Santa always visits in December to make the garden center even more magical. 

Santa Poses with two dogs.
Santa was so kind that he wanted to meet with everyone in the family…furry members too.