Discover NEPA’s Colors and Flavors in Autumn

We love every season here at Edward’s Garden Center because each one provides a fresh canvas to create more beauty.  With summer just behind us, we welcome the Fall season as fresh opportunities for new plants, vibrant colors and fun decorations to adorn the garden and home emerge. It is also a great time for us because we get to see the smiling faces of customers who return to celebrate each season with us.

Fall in northeastern Pennsylvania is such a rich, cozy time. We reach for sweaters and flannel shirts and look forward to crisp days with the sound of leaves and acorns crunching underfoot. We take joy in the colors and the flavors of the season. It’s time to kick back. Take a bite into an apple just picked at an orchard or sample a piece of pumpkin pie with spices that bring memories of childhood days rushing back. We’ve put together a little list of things for you to consider doing with your family this Fall.

A  Short Guide to Autumn in NEPA

We hope you enjoy Autumn in NEPA as much as we do and if you’re looking for some ideas for things to do with your family or friends, here’s a short list.

Support local farms.

Stop for fresh eggs, cider, apples or apple cider donuts. Enjoy the spices of the season while you admire rustic barns along scenic country roads, with dust kicking up in clouds as you go.

Take a hike.

Slip on your sneakers or hiking boots, grab a bottle of water or two and head out to one of many area parks. This region is home to numerous state parks, trail systems and roads that are off the beaten path where you can explore and enjoy Fall foliage. Watch the afternoon sun shimmer off a lake. If you’re lucky, you’ll see an eagle atop a tree or a Blue Herron lunching on a fish.

Sun shines through trees at state park
Picture yourself hiking along a trail with beautiful views.

Brace yourself for a few scares.

There are many haunted attractions in the area as well as elaborately decorated homes. The people of NEPA really like to promote healthy scares. Drive around neighborhoods to let your eyes feast on the variety of Halloween displays that range from traditional pumpkins and ghosts to frightening movie characters. Halloween decorations from the movie It

Carve or decorate pumpkins.

Sure carving a scary face into a pumpkin is cool, but the options for decorating pumpkins has really grown, much like the love of Halloween through the years. Paint designs, patterns or artwork on your pumpkin. The only limits are your own imagination. Pinterest is full of ideas like this one that offers tips on creating a leopard design on your pumpkin.

Pumpkins have long been a favorite of the Fall season. Paint scary or happy faces; decorate with props or costume pieces or follow the traditional route by carving a Jack-O-Lantern.

Check out a complete list of ideas for Autumn in NEPA.

Visit our friends at Discover NEPA for a complete list of things to do in northeastern Pennsylvania this Autumn, including places to eat and shop, as well as other area attractions.

Remember us this Fall. Come to explore and enjoy at Edward’s Garden Center.

Owner Ed Kopec shares his pride and love of the Autumn season at Edward’s. Gorgeous colors of yellow, purple, red, orange, and fuchsia can be found throughout the garden center. Each step takes you to a different area of beauty.  Ed and his staff take great pride in creating displays that not only show off the gorgeous fall plants and flowers here, but also put a smile on visitors’ faces because of their fun and whimsical style.


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