Our Animal Scavenger Hunt Is Back

Many things were put on hold in 2020, including our Pets Scavenger Hunt here at Edward’s Garden Center, but to quote Buttercup, one of our three goats, “It’s baaaa-ck!”

The goats love visitors and dinner time.

If you’re looking for something fun to do with your children or grandchildren, this is one activity that is sure to make them happy. And it is healthy and fun for adults too. Here are some of the benefits of Edward’s Garden Center’s Pets Scavenger Hunt:

  • It’s free.
  • You get the chance to exercise by walking around the grounds of Edward’s Garden Center to locate all of our furry, feathered and finned pets. Each pet home is numbered. Have your kids take a numbered Popsicle stick from each animal enclosure they visit.
    A cute bunny
    Kids enjoy seeing a variety of animals when they walk around our garden center.
  • We have a variety of more than 25 animals for you to enjoy. Take a look at our animals through the years.
  • Children have the opportunity to learn about animals. You can introduce a fact about each animal that you know, do some research with the kids before you visit, or afterward. when you get home, talk about the animals you saw and look them up online. This is a great source for kids to learn about animals while having fun. 
  • Children feel a sense of pride when they have completed the scavenger hunt and found all of the animals spread throughout the garden center in their enclosures.
  • In addition to the walk, adults will enjoy the stress-relieving water features spread throughout the garden.
  • Children are rewarded with a sweet treat once they have completed the scavenger hunt. Kids just visit the gift shop to turn in all of their numbered Popsicle sticks collected while visiting each animal. Then they get a treat.
  • You can use this Scavenger Hunt experience later with the kids at a time when they might be bored. Have them draw, paint, make a model of the animals they saw when they visited Edward’s Garden Center. Arts and crafts are such a fun form of expression.

Whether you plan to stay close to home this summer or you have trips planned, there’s always time for a visit to Edward’s Garden Center. And autumn is a beautiful time here at our garden center too.  The kids can enjoy a fun Pets Scavenger Hunt and the adults can browse along the way.

Rules for Edward's Pets Scavenger Hunt
We’re happy to be offering our traditional Pets Scavenger Hunt again this summer.


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