Spring Is The Time for Improvements

Edward’s Garden Center is open to serve you after our brief winter hibernation.

And as we know, Spring is the ideal time for cleaning, beginning something new and making improvements. Our staff  has been busy making some improvements here at Edward’s Garden Center that we know you’re going to love when you come to Explore and Enjoy.

Garden center staff paints
We’ve been sprucing up the garden center with a variety of improvements.

In addition to some beautiful stonework we’ve had done, we’ve also been freshening things up with a few coats of paint and moving some products around. We have also created new space for our feathered friends. Because our bouquet of Pheasants has been growing, we have built a new enclosure for them. Now they will have a space of their own, leaving the ducks with their pond and an enclosure to themselves.

Pheasant enclosure
Our bouquet of Pheasants has grown, so it’s time for them to enjoy a new home.

We know that visitors to Edward’s Garden Center love to spend time with our animals and relax here while enjoying the peaceful beauty of our garden center.  That’s why we like to create spaces where you can sit for a bit, breathe in fresh air and unplug from the duties of daily life.

We’ve added some new seating for you to relax and enjoy the garden center.

Now is a great time to start cleaning up your yard and making plans for the upcoming season.  So when you’re ready to take on your Spring gardening projects, come see us. Or when you just need a break from your daily routine, come Explore and Enjoy some peace in our garden and visit with our animals.

We hope that you’ll like the improvements we’ve made; we look forward to helping you with whatever Spring gardening projects you have planned!

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