5 Garden Gifts to Grow Your Love

“Life is the flower for which love is the honey.” – Victor Hugo

If you have someone special in your life who enjoys gardening, you must be feeling their angst as the snow continues to fall. But, you must also sense their hope and anticipation, knowing that Spring–the time when they can return to their garden–is just a little over one month away.  It is that hope that you can help shine bright with our list of five Valentine’s Day gift ideas for gardeners.

Many think of flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s Day and while they are lovely treats, we have five gift ideas for gardeners that we believe the gardener in your life will truly appreciate.

Five Gift Ideas for Your Love who Loves Gardening

  1. A Gift Card – Edward’s Garden Center is closed until March, but…we are accepting orders for gift certificates. Please call 570-287-4329, extension 5. You can pick up gift certificates at Edward’s Garden Center on Thursday, Feb. 11 and Friday, Feb. 12 from 9 AM to 2 PM. Please call first.
  2. House Plants – Since your gardener can’t get their hands in dirt outside just yet, some indoor gardening is always a good option. Perhaps some succulents, spider plants or jade plants would be a welcome addition of green to their windowsill.
  3. Planter Pots – You can purchase new pots for them to use this spring and summer or you can show some extra love by decorating pots. Paint them a different color; add some glitter paint; glue some colorful gemstones or other colorful baubles, paint with chalk paint and write a love message or do some decoupage, pasting your loved one’s favorite quotes and words. Pretty flowers and plants deserve pretty pots.
  4. A  Labor Commitment – Promise to help plant and tend to that herb garden or vegetable garden your special Valentine has been wanting. This is a good idea if your funds are a bit light right now. This will cost you sweat equity when the time comes.
    Birdseed holder
    Get the kids involved with this special gift. You can create a homemade, natural bird feeder.
  5. Bird-related Items – Many gardeners also appreciate the beauty of birds that flock to their garden. Perhaps a new birdfeeder or birdhouse would be an ideal gift to enhance their love of the garden. You can even make it a family project. Have the kids make a natural birdfeeder out of an apple. Our garden specialist Shelly shows us how to do it in this previous blog.

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