Garden Projects for Kids to Grow

Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, or caregiver, you know how enthusiastic kids are about helping, especially when it comes to outdoor projects like gardening. But sometimes their help ‘weeding’ the garden leaves your garden stripped of some of its flowers or the tasks you have to do are just too difficult or involve dangerous tools. So how do you spend precious time together outdoors and still manage to get your gardening done?  Give the little ones fun projects that will empower them to feel independent and helpful.

Our garden specialist, Shelly, offers ideas for a few really fun and easy projects:

  1. Craft a homemade bird feeder (see pictures and steps below). Kids can make this from a variety of common foods you already have in the kitchen such as an apple, orange and Cheerios. Not only will they have fun making the feeder but they can enjoy watching the birds eat from it later on. They can feel proud that they’re helping nature.
  2. Create a container garden. Buy a container of some sort like a metal tub, a terracotta or plastic pot or raised wooden planter box, or even use vintage items you have in your house like old rain boots or metal toys that will make the garden even more personalized for the kids. They can have their very own herb garden or a miniature fairy garden that lets them get as creative and whimsical as their imaginations will allow.  Here at Edward’s Garden Center, we have all the supplies you need to get started, from containers to soil to herbs and mini plants to a very big variety of miniature decor like fairies, mushrooms, and other figurines of all kinds.
  3. Paint rocks or Popsicle sticks to use as plant tags. The kids can decorate rocks or sticks that can help to identify or label the various plants in your garden or theirs, or just to make it a happy and even prettier garden.
Painted garden rocks
Get kids involved in your gardening by having them paint rocks to serve as tags.

 How to Make a Bird Feeder from an Apple

Kids can make a bird feeder from an apple with just a little bit of help from a grown-up.

Step 1.  After you cut an apple in half, kids can core the apple with a spoon.

Apple half for bird feeder

Step 2. A grown-up should insert wooden skewers because the points are sharp. These help stabilize the feeder and also provide a place for birds to perch.

Apple bird feeder

Step 3. You may want to help the kids with this, depending on how well they tie their shoes. Have them tie a piece of twine onto the end of each skewer end. This is important for hanging the feeder.

Twine to hold apple feeder

Step 4. The hollowed out apple is now ready for food. Kids can place a spoonful of peanut butter (or not) and then sprinkle in a handful or two of birdseed.


Step 5. The feeder is ready to hang for birds to visit and enjoy. Ask the kids what tree they’ve seen birds visit and then help out by tying this to a branch. Then you and the kids can have a seat in the yard and be prepared to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Completed apple feeder

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