Pop in to Sip Tea and Plant Succulents

Just a spoonful (or several) of charcoal, soil, sand and decorative stones help the succulent grow up, the succulent grow up, the succulent grow up. Oh yes a spoonful of charcoal, soil and decorative stones help the succulent grow up in a most delightful way.

We’re delighted to host another tea party where guests are able to not only sip tea but plant succulents in tea cups. And this year’s theme is Mary Poppins.

Join us on Sunday, September 8 at 11 AM when we’ll have a good old-fashioned tea party with tea and other refreshments. One you’re finished sipping, it’s time to select a succulent and tea cup to plant in.

Succulents are not needy plants. In fact, some say that the more you forget about them, the better. They do not like to be watered too much so these are great for busy people who enjoy the beauty and fun of decorative indoor plants but don’t have time to water often.

Call your friends. Get all the girls together and plan to spend a super Sunday at Edward’s Garden Center for tea sipping and succulent planting!   The cost is just $20.  Seats are limited so be sure to secure your spot by calling 570-287-4329.


tea cup succulents
Sure tea cups are great for sipping but they’re also fun for succulents!

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