Show Me the Way to Go Gnome. How to Make your own miniature garden.

Fairy and gnome gardens may be small, but they provide giant-sized joy and are fairy easy to make!

Gnome Garden
Making your own fairy or gnome garden is easy. But we are here to help!

Step 1. Contain it well.

Choose a container that has drainage. Most containers have a plug; otherwise you can use charcoal and gravel in the bottom of the container or, if you are really handy, you can drill holes in the container.

Step 2. Secret’s in the soil.

Be sure to use a good quality potting soil if using real plants for your fairy garden.  We recommend a soil containing perlite by Pro-Mix.

Step 3. Get set, grow.

We suggest using at least two plants and lots of decorative moss. You can choose from a variety of what plants you want to place in your soil. Add plants such as: mini ferns, air plants, succulents, aloe plants,  edible herbs like chives and dill and tiny cypress trees.

Step 4. There’s no place like gnome; it’s fairy nice.

When choosing the decor for your garden let your imagination soar as high as the fairies fly. Show off your personality and have fun choosing a theme. Go under the sea with mermaids or make life a mini beach. If you like animals, create an idyllic farm.  However you choose to decorate, it helps to put sand underneath the larger objects to keep them afloat better on top of the soil.

Step 5. Add the finishing touches.

The best way to give your garden its finishing touch is to use a lovely shade of mulch and decorative stones.

Want to add a little magic to your home or garden? Visit us here at Edward’s Garden Center for more tips and to find all the materials you’ll need to make your fairy own miniature garden.

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